Friday, November 16, 2007

Company Mission, Vision, Competencies, Goals

EcoLeap's over-all mission is to empower our global community through leadership and education in sustainable business practices through its various goods and services. “ECOLEAP” is also an acronym for: Ecological Leadership Empowering through Awareness and Profitability.

The long-term vision of EcoLeap is to be a world leader and globally recognized brand representing best sustainable practices embodied in its global goods and services in support of ecological living spanning generations to come.

EcoLeap's family of branded goods and services empower individuals on a daily basis to be part of the ecological planetary solution through its competencies like educational services to products manufactured internationally.

"Ensure the viability of our shared habitat by making the
leap into green with EcoLeap and its family of goods and services."
~ Holly Jo Bergquist,
Founder and CEO

EcoLeap, LLC is proud to be offering educational services to our youth via EcoLeap Learning Centers scheduled to open in Ashland, Oregon May 1st 2010.

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davidwick111 said...

Hello Holly Jo,

Your mission, competencies and goals sound wonderful, and I say hurrah! We are very aligned with our mission and work. I will contact you soon and tell you about TBL 21 - Triple Bottom Line in the 21st Centry, here in Ashland and the Rogue Valley. I am very happy to have discovered you and ecoleap!

My best,

David Wick
TBL 21